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The DIY Family Bonding Kits for your School Families are an easy, affordable and practical way to encourage parents that are getting weary juggling work, family life,
the cost of living stresses & device battles at home 
- which is just about everyone 

Family Bonding Activities

to help them create more FAMILY CONNECTION at home
& divert them OFF DEVICES....

....STUDENTS will start to ENGAGE more positively in the CLASSROOM

- will help your school community to thrive even more

If your SCHOOL is engaged with the wellBEING of your staff & STUDENTS, this Family Connection Kit is the solution for you.
Lindy Harris,
Owner of One Agency Real Estate in NSW
recently purchased a bulk order of DIY Family Kits certificates to give out to her staff, purchasers & vendors...
"The DIY Family Kits Gift Certificates parcel arrived thank you. We loved receiving it!! We have been gifting them out to our staff & clients and it has been so nice seeing people's delighted responses. They are very appreciative……it's such a special and unique way to thank and support our staff and our client families!"

How the DIY Family Bonding Kit version helps

 Parenting Struggles

Children addicted to screens parent challenges devices

Gifting The Family Bonding Kits to your school student families will provide a fun,
simple tool to help
to redirect device battles
& disconnection in families

...to Family Connections

Family connection fun bonding

The Family Bonding Kit becomes the catalyst to regular fun interaction,
conversations & connection
at home
between parents & kids

= More Engaged Students

Engaged students in classroom happy at home

Numerous studies validate that students are much more engaged & settled
in the classroom when they have better family
connections at home

Here's Mike Symonds below, one of the founders, explaining
how The DIY Family Kits work and how they
can be gifted out to your School Families

What People Are Saying...

"The Family Bonding Kits are brilliant.
As a counsellor I see the pain & disruption people experience through lack of connection with their loved ones and there are so many benefits in all areas of life in developing close connections between parent & kids.
The Family Bonding Kits are so simple & making a huge difference in people's lives, and I can't recommend them highly enough"

Jacqui Wise - Professional Counsellor

"We are having great fun with
the Family Bonding Kit
- it helps create lots of laughs, connection
& great conversations at the table
 - we think it's a fantastic idea"

Roger, Ginny, Lilli, Lyric & Coda
As aN ORGANISATION you have faced an unprecedented string of
challenges in recent years. 
IT'S an ExhausTING LIST & it seems that as one crisis eases, another takes place with
no signs of things slowing down.

As the cost of living crisis deepens & MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES FOR KIDS & PARENTS ARE GROWING EXPonentially,
the worst thing To do is to ignore how these factors will impact

The reality is parents & families are not only scared of rising costs, but parent stress levels with this are starting to go through the roof, marriages breaking down and it is impacting kids wellbeing & school engagement at an unprecedented level

 This increase in mental health challenges in recent years is not only because parents are feeling completely overwhelmed with stress at home and work
& juggling it all, but also the overwhelm of


The internet & devices have robbed all of our kids of so much innocence & our precious time with them

Parents need a SIMPLE, EASY TO IMPLEMENT way to regularly CONNECT WITH THEIR KIDS and keep that relationship open & fun despite stressful times. 

This Family Bonding Kit we created specifically for these reasons, is a really affordable & practical way to show your Parents that you care and want to offer something thoughtful to help and support them in this era 

Benefits to the School & School Families

👉 MORE SETTLED AND POSITIVE AT SCHOOL - When kids have stronger family connections, they are more settled & productive at school

👉 REDIRECTS KIDS (and Parents) OFF DEVICES - Helps give families a fun and simple tool as an alternative to help them redirect their kids (and themselves) off devices

👉 POSITIVELY IMPACT & GROW SCHOOL COMMUNITY - When school families are given Family Kits at the same time and encouraged to have a go, it can positively impact & grow the school community & sense of belonging

- Provide your staff families (and Grandkids) a Family Bonding Kit to thank and support them in juggling their own families - as well as workloads, while caring for other's children each day

Gift the Family Bonding Kits to your ....

Teaching & Admin Staff

When your team have some tools to have
a healthier family life/work life balance...

...they are less likely to suffer exhaustion and burnout from trying to 'do it all' for their students & their families at home

School Families

When your Student's Parents feel like you care about the burdens of parenting & devices...

...they are more likely to engage with the school, be open to your suggestions & work
together with you

Not only are your school families & staff faced with external pressures regarding the economy and work demands, but the internal pressures weigh for so many & can be very overwhelming at times. 

  • Over 50% of marriages have either ended in divorce or are in the process of separating which severely affects the mental health of individuals and their children
  • Parents stress levels are on a whole new playing field navigating parenthood in uncharted internet / social media territory and dealing with severe device addiction, cost of living stresses, affecting the wellbeing of both child and parent

Impact on Your School Environment  

  • Students unable to stay focused as so many things on their young minds so it is difficult be fully engaged in listening & learning
  • ​Inability for teachers to thrive in their jobs due to exhaustion stress & overload of caring for students & their own families in this era 
  • Lack of joy & enthusiasm for more & more students & teachers which hinders concentration & can quite quickly lead to
    depressive thinking

If you give your student families support by means of a simple tool to help them KEEP CONNECTED AT HOME
even when challenges arise...

...your students will become much more


The DIY Family BONDING Kit For

This Family kit is designed to create a more fun & engaging family experience with kids & their parents which leads to a healthier school life/work life/family life balance & more engaged students in 

"By encouraging and supplying your staff & /or school families with simple tools to engage with their families, you are supporting them to keep connected with their kids in a thoughtful and practical way even during the
midst of increased external pressures".

  • ​What is a DIY Family Bonding Kit
  • ​What Do Our School Families Get
  • ​How Easily can this be Rolled Out to all our Families
1. What Is the DIY Family Bonding Kit? 

It is a simple & unique Family Connection Kit that is designed to easily help your school families & staff have regular, fun & memorable experiences & conversations with their kids

  • It contains 6 Family Activity Categories to choose from, anything from a fun Get to Know you question over the dinner table or a regular mini adventure once a month. AND a simple calendar system to actually help them implement it

  • ​Each of these Categories have been designed to help families get  off devices more often & build stronger connections with their kids.

  • ​Families can easily follow the simple step by step process to instantly access the DIY Family Bonding Kit & get it up and running in 15mins by dinner time tonight.

  • ​​​ 6 x FAMILY ACTIVITY CATEGORIES - Downloadable Activity Templates which includes both Activity Slips with our suggestions & blank slip to include people's own ideas for the 6 categories:
  • 1. Family Chats Activity - to get 'device free' interesting conversations happening around the dinner table again
    2. No-Cost Activities - activities that do not cost anything 
    3. Budgeted Activities - activities that you can put some money aside for
    4. 5 Minute Energizer Activities - for whenever a child (or parent!) needs a quick lift or a laugh
    5. Rainy Day Activities - unique family bonding activities when you need to stay inside
    6. Pot Luck Chores - share the family chores around each month         
  • BONUS - 'READY TO GO' 1st Activity 'FAMILY CHATS' printed ready to go, so that families can get started straight away without any hurdles.
    • SIMPLE ACTIVITY INSTRUCTIONS – that are so easy to implement - Kids can have the Family Kit up and running in 15 mins, READY for DINNER TIME TONIGHT
    • ​MONTHLY CALENDAR TEMPLATE to help families EASILY IMPLEMENT and lock their family experiences into their monthly routine

      PLUS also our own PERSONAL FAMILY CALENDAR to give families a sample to copycat - making it even easier to get started
    3. How easY IS IT to Roll Out?

    To Help You 'GIFT' the DIY Family Bonding Kit we'll provide you with
    Gift Certificates for each Family.

    We'll PRINT & POST you a set of Family Bonding Kit Gift Certificates for you to PROVIDE EACH FAMILY.  This provides families with simple instructions on how they can access your gift and help them easily get started by dinner time tonight.

    STEP 1. PERSONALISE - All you need to do is simply personalise it to put their family name at the top of the Gift Certificates & enjoy the process of gifting them out. You'll make people's day & it will create a buzz.
    Family Bonding Activities
    STEP 2. GIFT OUT - you can either hand them out at a work meeting / function etc. or you can post them (we don't recommend emailing unless really necessary as a something tangible will be much more valued)

    STEP 3. RECIPIENTS FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS and receive instant access to the DIY Family Bonding Kit
    they will receive a BONUS printed & READY TO GO first Activity - '
    Family Chats' & Calendar for their fridge so that families can get started straight away without any hurdles. 
    STEP 4. NATURAL COMMUNITY BUILDING will follow - when the Kits are given out to everyone at the one time, your school families will feel their life outside school is important to you too....You can encourage them to give the first activity a go and get a few stories to share with each other.

    This will not only help strengthen family connections for life,
    but a by-product of this will be that it will
    spark supportive conversations amongst your school community.

    This helps families create a more connected home life &
    it will begin to foster more settled and engaged students in the classroom.

    These kits are perfect for:

    🎁 Workplaces - Employee & Client families
    🎁 Schools - Student families
    🎁 Families in your local community
    🎁 Family support organizations

    By sharing these kits, you can make a positive impact in your community and encourage family bonding for your community

    From as little as $6 per family

    Help create some Unity & joy for your people with our DIY Family Bonding Kits!

    Looking for an affordable yet meaningful gift to give to a large group of people?

    Consider DIY Family Bonding Kits! 

    We’ve worked with many big and small companies, some of which are listed below.

    How it all began…

    Meet Sarsha and Mike, the FUN duo from Australia who have been running an exciting and interactive team bonding business for corporations for the past 17 years.

    Here's a part of our story of how the Family Bonding Kits were created.....

    A few years ago, life took a challenging turn when one of our daughters was struck with sudden & severe illness and we nearly lost her a couple of times. She inspired us with her courage to rise above it
    But it still completely rocked our foundations to the core. 

    Our faith was shaken & marriage, finances and wellbeing all fell to pieces in a very short amount of time.

    It completely changed our world but we knew we had to do something for our family.

    We soon realised we could draw on our own years of skills & experience in team bonding for corporate organisations and decided to create a FAMILY TEAM BONDING KIT for our own family team. Our daughters were 8, 13 & 15 and it was just what we needed to bring our own team back together again.

    …..and thus
    The Family Fun Boxes - Family Bonding Kit 
    was proudly born.

    It was amazing and it turned our family around in a huge way during our challenging times.

    It also definitely helped us get off devices, get our fun spirits back and start truly connecting again.

    We now have a fun, simple system ready to go each month. We usually picked the 
    1st Sunday of the month as our family time
    and pick an activity from the box.

    We randomly pluck activities out & about that one of the kids wrote down, something creative at home or even just pick a topic/question from the Family Chats Category.

    It usually always ends in a laugh about something which shifts the mood/atmosphere to fun/joyful one.

    We still use it every week  and will continue to use for as long as we are a family. 

    Without it, I don’t think we would have gotten our family mojo back.

    Our challenge was minimal compared to so many other families hit with so many more external pressures, that introducing a Family Bonding Kit to help create regular family bonding at this time could be a simple antidote the world needs right now........

    Just as there is a FAMILY FIRST AID KIT in every household cupboard for physical health
    - there is now a need for a FAMILY BONDING KIT on every kitchen bench for Family Wellbeing.

    In the midst of such bad news over the years, we are thrilled to present this Family Bonding Kit to the marketplace.

    Below is a photo of one of our Family Fun Boxes Kit activities chosen by our middle daughter.
    It’s of hubby Mike & our 3 girls.

    I eventually jumped in after much coaxing from the family.... and was glad I did as this day was very fun!

    Hear what others have said ....

    "We have been really excited to use the Family Bonding Kit! We've done lots of the 'No Cost' Activities & the Family Chats questions mainly as it has been a bit of a hard time financially lately. We love it!
     Every time we pull out a suggestion, we lock in a date to do it and put it up on the fridge. The suggestion list really helped us get ideas rolling. It helped us learn what we could do that was something we may not have realized we enjoyed. 
    The ideas are brilliant because they add value and quality time together. We love it."

    Sarah, Mum of 2 boys & a girl
    "When times have been hard the Family Bonding Kit has given us all something to look forward to each week!"

    Chris, Mother of 4
    "The Family Bonding Kit definitely helps bring the family together regularly, especially the activities that don't cost a cent & the Family Chats questions. It's beautiful seeing what the girls plan & organise, using their imaginations and just all being together as a family! The girls want to play together with no fights (real achievement for our family!!!). Very happy with it."

    Erin, Mum of 3 


    The DIY Family Bonding Kit For your School Families

    For the price of a coffee & a biscuit, The DIY Family Bonding Kit is
    a very worthwhile investment in your school families
    as it is designed to create a more fun & engaging family experiences for parents
    & their kids - which leads to better connections at home & more settled, engaged students at school

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